Equipment and Crew Rental


Currently we have several trucks and 10 Bobcat tractors, ranging in width from 3 feet wide to 6 feet wide, all are equipped with hydraulic concrete breakers and all are available on contract or rental by the hour prices. We also have a jackhammer crew available for any hard to access jobs. Our crews are some of the most experienced and professional in the industry. Our extensive knowledge in this business allows us to offer our clients the best value on price and quality, while building personal relationships along the way.

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Pool Demolition and Removal


With demographics rapidly changing the face of Orange County we are quickly approaching a time when more swimming pools are removed than installed. This will be the norm in the OC for years to come, with drought, cost to own, liability, and a negative value on your property, those owners that choose to infill their pools will find many benefits in repurposing their yards.

We can help you transform your property into a dream backyard, a safer rental property, or a home for sale with a higher potential for gaining buyers and profits. Our pool demolition service includes, calling Dig Alert (all utility locators), pumping the water, pulling all permits, preparing any recommendations, covenants, or Fire Ant Reports (as required by some Cities), capping utilities at the source, scheduling all City/County inspections, removal and backfill of the pool along with providing a stamped Geotechnical Engineers report to the City and the owners when required, and always provide final inspection from each City/County.

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Concrete Demolition and Removal


Removing concrete around your property can turn into a very costly job if you hire the wrong contractor. Our crews are very experienced in working up close to structures and adjacent properties, always using the safest methods. We always call Dig Alert utility locators prior to starting work. Beware off contractors dumping concrete into the pool! All concrete removed by us will go to an approved recycling facility. We can also help you with complete landscape and hardscape removals. Residential or commercial, we will help you keep your project on time and on budget.

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